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Some insight into NC State’s yes vote on ACC expansion, via the N&O

ACC votes to add Cal, Stanford, and SMU in 2024

NCAA makes another change to block/charge rule

ACC announces establishment of unequal revenue sharing plan

NC State tennis is back in the Final Four

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Big sports gambling investigations underway at Iowa, Iowa State

Twenty-six athletes at Iowa, 15 at ISU. Big yikes.

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Ebe Dowuona lands at Georgia Tech

Had to happen eventually--a State player transferring elsewhere in the league, that is. Ebe played high school ball in Georgia so this move makes sense.

NCAA tournament Thursday open thread

Let’s go hoops.

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Jim Boeheim out at Syracuse

Hours after Syracuse lost to Wake in the ACC tourney, Jim Boeheim is finished. Feels overdue.

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Mike Brey stepping down from Notre Dame after season

It's been a rough year in South Bend and lately the Irish have been missing the NCAAs more often than not, so I guess this isn't terribly surprising. Still weird though.

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Looking at ACC Men's Basketball - Dec. 2022

Who’s up for expanding the NCAA tournament?

What’s the correct amount of March Madness?

USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten

It’s not good for college sports, but it’s a sign of the times.

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Manny Bates is headed to Butler

Losing Manny Bates was rough, but at least he left for a school I neither like nor dislike, and that NC State doesn't have to play. [insert Alonzo Mourning gif here]

NCAA will attempt to rein in NIL collectives

Good luck with that.

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UNC joins 356 other teams in failure

"We made a deep tournament run," they'll say. "We played for the national championship," they'll say. See, we figured out how to not win a national title like four months ago. Now who's the sucker.

NCAA men’s tourney weekend open thread

NCAA tournament Friday open thread

Thursday NCAA Tournament open thread

Let’s go Marquette!

Join the BTP NCAA Tournament poolseses!

2022 men’s NCAA Tournament field revealed

Can anybody slow down the Zags?

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Looks like Chris Mack is out at Louisville

Given his track record at Xavier, he seemed like a great hire for Louisville when it happened. Instead it's gone completely sideways. Just never know.

ACC talking with Big Ten and Pac-12 about an alliance of some kind

Maybe everybody’s just bored.

Frustrations with NCAA mounting among college administrators

Mark Emmert, what is it that you do here, exactly?

NCAA clears the way for college athletes nationwide to profit off name, image, and likeness

Choo choo! Here comes the money train into endorsement station!

Coach K is retiring from Duke after the 2021-22 season

What a time.

ACC reports $497 million in revenue for fiscal year 2020

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Dino Gaudio tried to extort Louisville

Well here's a wild development. Remember Dino Gaudio, the coach who did an okay job at Wake and more recently had been an assistant at Louisville? He tried to blackmail UL into paying him 17 months' worth of salary. (He was fired in March.) Like damn, dude, you got gambling debts or something?

The Gott man is back in hot water, it seems

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UNC is promoting Hubert Davis to head coach

Let's hope the strict adherence to their brain-damaged "keep it in the family" philosophy sets them back again.

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Roy Williams is retiring (no, this is not a joke)

Uh, wow.

New ACC commissioner Jim Phillips inherits league’s financial challenges


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