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UNC State Athletics

Have a great holiday! And enjoy this extremely fun fact

Some might say that it is the funnest of facts.

It’s been a big week for UNC State sports

Huge for the brand!

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Yet another benchmark moment in UNC State athletics

The women's NCAA tournament field was revealed on Monday night. NC State is in the tournament, because NC State has a good team. UNC is not, because UNC stinks at women's basketball. Of course, there was still plenty of opportunity for typos, this one literally from the NCAA's website.

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Hey ... wait a minute.

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ACC Network introduces brand new 'Kay Yao Award'

You remember Kay Yao, the legendary women's basketball coach at UNC State, right?

UNC has hurt feelings, makes lame scoreboard joke

Aw you poor children.

Maybe try proofreading some, Target!

Bonus #goacc!

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UNC State hosts big-time visitor

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You almost got it, Mick Jagger

I am a proud Wolfpackser.

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Kenny Chesney adds NC State to prestigious, exclusive list of favorite sports teams

What an honor this is, everybody. HEY WAIT A MINUTE. These dudes can't even get the hand sign right though. The guy on the right is hookin' 'em, while Chesney is doing the UNC State hand sign. Common mistakes.

Justin Witt fills big position of need for Pack

After a three day visit to Raleigh, the big Illinois lineman committed to NC State. Witt now gives the Pack seven commitments for the class of 2016.

ACC invents new school called 'UNC State'